Ultima goes Japan!

Ultima goes Japan!

In collaboration with CAT Team we present Pollution Symphony from 10 – 11 February at VACANT in Harajuku, Tokyo.

The event pivots around the seminal Norwegian avant-garde composer Arne Nordheim. His artistic vision is the starting point for a journey that takes us from the emergence of modernism in Norway right up to the current experimental music scene in Japan. A fusion of music, photography and film making will give an audience consisting of both avant-garde insiders and the broader Japanese public a fresh perspective on these intriguing cultural connections. 

The line-up features contemporary Norwegian musicians who either had a direct artistic relationship with Arne Nordheim, or who further his experimental musical legacy. The accomplished accordionist Frode Haltli represents the former, while Jenny Hval and her singular musical explorations at the fringes of pop, embodies the latter. Cutting-edge Japanese electronic artists Oorutaichi and Utena Kobayashi completes the bill.

The event is produced by curatorial duo CAT Team in collaboration with Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival, and supported by VACANT, Fuglen Tokyo and NRK.

Pollution Symphony