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Going deeper into the music with the Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival. The team behind one of the biggest contemporary music festivals in Northern Europe open up the diverse and fascinating world of modern music and experimental sound with innovative sonic portraits, composer/performer interviews, panel discussions and more. Shows recorded before, during and after the annual mid-September festival.  

In the first Ultima Context podcast episode, available on Spotify and iTunes, you’ll meet Swedish composer Risto Holopainen, the man behind Djupare under hörtröskeln (Below the Hearing Threshold).
New episodes will be released every other day until the festival starts 10 September.

2020 Context
Produced by Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival and Notam
Editors: Thorbjørn Tønder Hansen (in-Chief), Torunn Forland, Rob Young 
Co-produced by Filt Oslo 
Peter Daatland, Regine Døsen Kristoffersen,  
Jingles composed by Kristine Tjøgersen 
Supported by Music Norway, Norsk Komponistforening, TONO and Sparebankstiftelsen DNB