Christina Kubisch:

Christina Kubisch’s Electrical Walks go online for the first time

Christina Kubisch:

Christina Kubisch is one of Europe’s leading sound artists. Active since the 1970s, the German artist’s work scans the electromagnetic frequency range to reveal hidden patterns of technology, data flows and the secret rhythms of human civilisation. One of her key works is the ongoing series Electrical Walks, in which the audience, wearing special, custom made headphones constructed to reveal electromagnetic sounds, is invited to walk the streets and experience the secret electromagnetic fields of the city as they move through it.

As well as installing the Oslo version of her Electrical Walks during Ultima, she will create her very first digital version of the work at – an exciting new web presence specially commissioned by Ultima. Here the digital spectator can take an audiovisual journey through a new online work, Virtual Walks Oslo, using an online map guiding the spectator through audiovisual panoramas from Oslo’s electromagnetic underworld.
The web page also contains an electromagnetic audio archive, with a catalogue of sounds and images from over 75 previous walks she has set up all over the world.

Here you can compare the sounds of similar types of location in different global cities from Bangkok to Berlin, and discover the unique sonic pattern of different global hotspots. The website will grow along with the work.

Christina Kubisch                   Electromagnetic recordings, sounds and photos
Frank Paul                              Panoramas for Virtual Walks Oslo and video
A & B ants and butterflies      Web design
Produced by                           Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival

The website and the commission for Virtual Walks Oslo is supported by Goethe-Institut and Kulturrådet.