New Project Manager

Ultima appoints new Project Manager

Christel Forsberg has been employed as Ultima’s new Project Manager with an official start date 1 July 2019. The festival’s departing Project Manager, Trude D. Elde, is leaving the post after nine years to begin a new job as Project Manager at the Munch Museum from 1 May.

Forsberg’s job will include planning, organisation and execution of the festival’s many productions. Her previous job was producer at Akershus Theatre, and she has plenty of experience in many areas of culture, both as a practising musician and tour manager, producer and project manager.

Forsberg says she is looking forward to starting work at Ultima, and knows the festival well. In 2015 she was project manager at the Rikskonsert during an event, RiksUltima, in which we collaborated with DKS Rogaland to produce a contemporary music festival for 9000 children on an island off Haugesund. With no connections to the mainland or infrastructure, everything needed to be set up from scratch, from electricity to transport for several thousand schoolkids, performers, equipment and helpers.

‘Working with the Ultima Festival that time whetted my appetite and opened the door to contemporary music,” she says. ‘I’m looking forward to helping Ultima achieve its goals. I’m especially excited about working with new artforms, formats and venues, and being able to expose the public to culture of exceptional artistic quality.’

Artistic Director Thorbjørn Tønder Hansen: ‘We’re really looking forward to welcoming Christel to Ultima. With her wide ranging experience in Norway’s musical and theatrical life, her extensive network and infectious motivation, she has just what it needs to realise Ultima’s enormously diverse range of activities.’

Christel Forsberg