POING & Guests: The Great American Fakebook

Saturday, September 14th
Nasjonal jazzscene Victoria, 10:00 PM
The Ultimate Jazz Fakebook – with POING & guests

POING: The Great American Fakebook
Nasjonal jazzscene
14/9, 22.00
250/150 NOK

Rolf-Erik Nystrøm – saxophone
Frode Haltli – accordion
Håkon Thelin – double bass

Eivind Lønning – trumpet
Raphael Rogiński – guitar
Marilyn Mazur – percussion

Norwegian modern music collective POING celebrate their 20th year in music this year, and The Great American Fakebook is the first of two concerts at Ultima showcasing their diverse talents with a handful of distinguished guests. As well as their trio programme of contemporary compositions (16 September), they are putting together this uproarious hoedown at Norway’s national jazz venue. Their fellow travellers are drawn from a dream international cast including Danish percussion star Marilyn Mazur (M. Davis, J. Garbarek), Polish experimental guitarist Raphael Rogiński and Norwegian jazz trumpet innovator Eivind Lønning (Streifenjunko, Motif, Christian Wallumrød).

Taking the American jazz and tradition as a launch pad, they will be performing their own individual, anarchic and musically intelligent deconstructions of tradition and the state of the present. The audience will be taken along on a voyage through the most different layers of the state of reality of what is really America, and what does it and us come from, and what America is today, despite common beliefs? The Great American Fakebook will be a joyously disruptive night of jazz as you’ve never heard it before, performed by some of the world's leading instrumentalists. 

In collaboration with Nasjonal jazzscene and POING.
(Photo: Geir Dokken)

POING & Guests: The Great American Fakebook

Nasjonal jazzscene Victoria 10:00 PM

Ticket 250/150,-