BUD (Ultima Children’s Day)

Sunday, September 15th

BUD (Ultima Children’s Day)
15/9, 12.00 – 16.00
100 NOK

Ultima’s very own children’s contemporary music fest is taking place for the sixth year in a row. Once again we offer a packed day of musical activities, encouraging the kids to take over Sentralen’s many spaces, making stuff, listening to unfamiliar and exciting sounds, experiencing new worlds, and learning about everything from lunar travel to the sound of pollution.

There will also be a boundary-breaking mix of activities including musical theatre, an audio walk in the city, a concert where the whole family are invited to join in, an installation that flies you to the moon, sound and vision strange and unusual instruments to try out, food and drink, and other fun activities that will help your child to explore and discover unexpected connections in a wide world of adventurous sound and music.

The full line-up of featured musicians and activities will be announced soon!

(Photo: Ingeborg Alnæs Løvåsen)

BUD (Ultima Children’s Day)

Sentralen 12:00 PM

Ticket 100,-