Verdensteatret: Trust Me Tomorrow (Sold out)

Thursday, September 17th
Black Box teater, 7:00 PM
Blinded by the light in Verdensteatret’s philosophical mindscape

Verdensteatret: Trust Me Tomorrow
Black Box teater
17/9, 19.00
150/250 NOK
(Performed 17. - 24/9)

Verdensteatret: Trust Me Tomorrow (2020, WP)

Trust Me Tomorrow explores the experience of blindness. Set partly in a desert landscape of high contrast light and shadow, the piece attempts to project into the possible future. Darkness becomes a space for projection, contemplation and desire. Animals which are blind or have limited vision have developed alternative ways of navigating the world – can humans do that too?

Trust Me Tomorrow is a free-floating performance work ranging from quiet, elegant introspection to a disturbed and fuzzy mindscape. While seeking to reveal an alternative time, it also seeks a handrail, a guide, something to hold on to while groping in the dark – in a world where meaning and truth are imploding. 

Creative team: Ali Djabbary, Asle Nilsen, Espen Sommer Eide, Janne Kruse, Laurent Ravot, Magnus Bugge, Martin Taxt, Niklas Adam, Torgrim Torve
Thanks to: Andrea Bakketun, Bálint Laczkó, Icaro Zorbar and Piotr Pajchel, BEK – Bergen senter for elektronisk kunst 
International Distribution: Elisabeth Carmen Gmeiner

Produced by Verdensteatret in collaboration with Ultima, Black Box teater and Rosendal Teater. Supported by Kulturrådet.

(Photo: Verdensteatret)

Verdensteatret: Trust Me Tomorrow (Sold out)

Black Box teater 7:00 PM

Ticket 150/250,-