Eva Reiter: Eupepsia Dyspepsia (Sold out)

Saturday, September 18th
Sentralen Gymsalen, 5:00 PM
Ancient and modern hybrid music tracing the collision of the Old World with the New

Eva Reiter: Eupepsia Dyspepsia (2021) 

Ictus Ensemble
Narrator, Projections: Anna Mendelssohn
Viola da gamba, Recorder, Additional instruments: Eva Reiter
Electric guitar, Additional instruments: Tom Pauwels
Percussion, Additional instruments: Tom de Cock

The medical term ‘Eupepsia’ refers to having a well functioning digestive system. This piece, by the Viennese composer, artist and instrumentalist Eva Reiter, performed by the Belgian Ictus Ensemble including Reiter, develops the idea of eupepsia as a metaphor for transatlantic colonial power-relations.

Taking an archive of European baroque music discovered in Chiquitos, Bolivia as a starting point, Eupepsia Dyspepsia investigates modes of appropriation, silencing of indigenous voices, and stereotypes that were (and still are) in play in encounters between South American and European cultural practices. Music was used by the Jesuit missionaries of the counter-reformation as a means to convert and ‘civilize’ the native. But even though it was toxic and destructive, the European disruption of indigenous peoples produced new and fragile worlds, that were in turn articulated in music. 

Eupepsia Dyspepsia creates hybrids: between baroque and contemporary music; European and New-World-compositions; text-sound-collages – not as solutions or remedies, but as hard-to-digest sound-objects ruminating on the long lasting effects of cultural violence. 

Supported by: Sounds Now, Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

Eva Reiter: Eupepsia Dyspepsia (Sold out)

Sentralen Gymsalen 5:00 PM

Sold out
Ticket 150 – 250,-