Apartment House - Julius Eastman

Thursday, September 14th
This year, Ultima festival investigates the enigmatic figure of American minimalism, Julius Eastman, over two nights of US avant garde music.

Julius Eastman Femenine
Apartment House
OCA (Office for Contemporary Art Norway)
14 September, 7 pm
Tickets 250/150 NOK

The second chance to hear Julius Eastman’s music on this year’s Ultima Festival, when one of the great enigmatic works of 20th century music will be reconstructed by the British group Apartment House

Femenine (1974) almost did not survive its own creator. Eastman never left a complete performance score (and may not have even written one down), and the work was only performed a handful of occasions in his lifetime. Anyone wanting to perform it today must reconstruct it from the memories and descriptions, and bring their own inventiveness to the work. 

British new music ensemble Apartment House have spent more than 20 years promoting avant garde composition. They have previously performed this spellbinding piece at the London Festival of Contemporary Music. 

Also check out Jace Clayton Julius Eastman Memorial Dinner in Kulturkirken Jakob 13 September!

Apartment House - Julius Eastman

OCA - Office for Contemporary Art Norway 7:00 PM

Ticket 250/150,-