Ultima Children's Day

Children and youth
Sunday, September 11th
Sentralen, 12:00 PM
Let the kids loose in Sentralen’s wonderland of musical activities!

An outdoor harp, a minimalist drum jam, and body-popping to Beethoven’s 9th Symphony are the main attractions at this year’s junior extravaganza during Ultima. Taking place in the many different spaces of the Sentralen building, this year’s BUD event lets young people engage with some beautiful sound objects and reinterpret key works from the main concert programme.

They’ll be greeted by STRÆNG, an installation by Isak Anderssen, Sunniva Rødland and Ulrik Ibsen Thorsrud involving Oslo’s biggest harp. They’ll help them build an exotic orchestra of stringed instruments like the strengeplank, snurrepinnofon and snellokord.

Contemporary percussion ensemble Pinquins will lead a percussion workshop taking Terry Riley’s minimalist classic In C as its starting point. Its simple building blocks, adding up to a more complex and multilayered group piece, makes it accessible and fun for children. Med Sigrun Rogstad Gomnæs og Johanne Byhring.

Under the engaging direction of Kyrre Texnæs (dancer and founder of the Creator of Movements company) and contemporary group POING, the children will interpret Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony through a series of movements.

With a combination of live instruments, motion-triggered digital sound effects, live drawing and painting and a mass of surrealistic props, performance group Bea og de Andre (Bea and the Others) create a delightful cascade of ever changing tableaux and colourful imagery that hold their young audiences spellbound.

Bosses Bongoband brings all their instruments to Ultima with African rhythms, howling trumpets, bursting trombones, squeeking saxophones. And why does almost no one know that Beethoven visited Africa to learn language in his youth?

Peter Baden and Knut Sævik is creating a brand new interactive audio visual installation.

John Halvor Bjørnseth, Isak Anderssen and Sunniva Rødland STRÆNG    

Pinquins – Terry Riley’s In C (drum workshop)

Kyrre Texnæs & POING – Beethoven’s 9th (movement & improvisation)

Peter Baden and Knut Sævik

Bea og de Andre

Bosses bongoband

In collaboration with Ulysses Network and the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. Supported by Sparebankstiftelsen DNB.   

Ultima Children's Day

Sentralen 12:00 PM

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