Ensemble Ernst (WP)

Monday, September 17th
Ensemble Ernst are engaged in cutting edge contemporary music, introducing audiences to exciting new sounds, and their Ultima showcase presents world premieres of three recent commissions from Norwegian composers.

Tone Poems for Tomorrow
Kulturkirken Jakob
17/9, 20.30
Ticket: 250/150 NOK

Øyvind Mæland: Tranquilized (WP)
Bente Leiknes Thorsen: A Feminist Guide to the Sinfonietta (WP)
Jan Erik Mikalsen: Les Poèmes (WP)

Ensemble Ernst
Thomas Rimul – Conductor

Øyvind Mæland’s Tranquilized takes the form of an even current, whose regulated flow is occasionally thrown off balance by small imperfections, forcing the musicians to compensate.

In A Feminist Guide to the Sinfonietta, Bente Leiknes Thorsen updates Britten’s Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra for the #metoo generation. Framed as a gender-political challenge to the ensemble, Thorsen asks whether it is able to escape the female body and the male gaze.

The four themed movements of Les Poèmes by Jan Erik Mikalsen attempt to find universal harmony. ‘Enceladus’ portrays Saturn’s icy moon. ‘Intermezzo’ is based on Gustav Mahler’s cosmic description of his 8thSymphony.  ‘Aldebaran’ is the destination of the Pioneer 10 spacecraft, while ‘Elvåga’ is inspired by Andreas Breivik’s poem about a forest lake near Oslo.

(Photo: Andreas Ulvo)

Ensemble Ernst (WP)

Kulturkirken Jakob 8:30 PM

Ticket 250/150,-