Ensemble Nadar: Lesaserma Pokhunakis

Electronic/improv +
Thursday, September 15th
Four Russian composers, one extraordinary life celebrated

Ensemble Nadar Lesaserma Pokhunakis (WP)

Alexander Khubeev Industrialization as the First Stage
Sergey Khismatov N-Musik
Alexander Khubeev Industrialization as the First Stage part 2: ‘’Taiga. Alienation”
Alex Nadzharov The Literacy Campaign: Science for People
Marina Poleukhina The forest of electrical Magnolias

A new generation of Russian artists is emerging into the light, and the Belgium based group Ensemble Nadar present a programme by a collective of four of the country’s young composers. All four have collaborated on a joint project telling the life story of the mysterious Lesaserma Pokhunakis (1944–2008). This overlooked figure pops up all over Cold War Europe: a baker’s wife who escaping the Greek junta in 1967, wrote 50 000 pages of scientific research and a magnum opus entitled Bourozyom (The Brown Soil). The four composers use the narrative of her life as a starting point to make a remarkable, unsettling and fascinating performance in which nothing is what it seems.

Marieke Berendsen – violin, scenography
Toon Callier – el. & bass guitar
Rebecca Diependaele – general manager
Katrien Gaelens – flute
Yves Goemaere – percussion
Wannes Gonnissen – sound
Pieter Matthynssens – cello, artistic director
Elisa Medinilla – piano, keyboard, camera
Thomas Moore – production
Stefan Prins – artistic director

Special thanks to Dmitry Mazurov, Vadim Kejin, Yury Kasparov, Fedor Sofronov and Viatcheslav Kuritsyn.

In collaboration with Ulysses Network and the Creative Europe programme of the European UnionProduced in collaboration with Concertgebouw Bruges.

Ensemble Nadar: Lesaserma Pokhunakis

Kulturkirken Jakob 9:00 PM

Ticket 200/100,-