Frode Haltli: Grenseskogen (The Border Woods)

Electronic/improv +
Thursday, September 15th
Riksscenen, 10:00 PM
All borders are open as Scandinavian folk meets a world of sound from every compass point

Norwegian accordionist Frode Haltli works across folk, improvisation and contemporary classical genres, and campaigns tirelessly to create a modern identity for his instrument. Blending the accordion with the richly resonant sounds of the Swedish nyckelharpa, Grenseskogen (The Border Woods) picks up resonances and overtones from Nordic folk musics and traces their connections with Indian and Arabic scales. ‘Hopefully this work can give some new perspectives on what folk music can be today,’ comments Haltli, ‘from a point of view where you can see backwards and forwards, to the east and to the west.’

Frode Haltli – accordion 
Emilia Amper – harp
Håkon Stene – percussion 
Eirik Raude – percussion

Produced by Riksscenen.

Frode Haltli: Grenseskogen (The Border Woods)

Riksscenen 10:00 PM

Ticket 180 - 120,-