Heiner Goebbels: Eislermaterial (opening concert)

Thursday, September 7th

Opening concert
Heiner Goebbels: Eislermaterial
Ensemble Modern
7 September, 7.30 pm (one night only)
Pre talk with Heiner Goebbels in Nationaltheatrets publikumsfoaje at 6.45 pm
Tickets: 100 - 590 NOK

The art of Heiner Goebbels is not quite opera and not quite theatre, but occupies a unique position between the two. With a background straddling avant garde composition and progressive/radical rock in the 1970s, Goebbels is now a prolific composer and stage director of multimedia works that have been performed all over the world. His staging of Harry Partch’s Delusion of the Fury was one of Ultima’s all-time triumphs when it was performed at Oslo’s Nationaltheater in 2013. In 2012 the German composer and director received the prestigious international Ibsen Award.

Now Goebbels returns to Ultima with a concert version of Eislermaterial (1998), an enchanting and passionate tribute and deconstruction of one of his greatest musical heroes. Hanns Eisler (1898-1962) was best known for his lifelong association with the dramatist Bertolt Brecht. Banned by the Nazi party, Eisler relocated to the USA in the second world war, before being in turn condemned by the McCarthy investigations in the Cold War and sent back to East Germany, where he among other works composed the socialist country’s national anthem.

Combining elements of folksong, popular national music, military marches and haunting atmospheres, Eisler’s music has been important for Heiner Goebbels right from his beginnings as a composer. In Eislermaterial he uses the entire breadth of Eisler’s oeuvre  – a staged concert featuring some of Eisler’s most famous songs which Goebbels edited and arranged for performance by Ensemble Modern (who premiered the work in 1998) and juxtaposed with original Eisler audio files in a collage. In this concert version of Eislermaterial, its bittersweet melodies are performed by the work’s original vocalist, the actor Josef Bierbichler, whose voice is unmistakably unaffected and simultaneously touching.
In collaboration with Nationaltheatret.

”...but suddenly found myself inside one of the greatest musical events:..."Don't illustrate your feelings but comment on them musically. Be objective," Eisler once said. This may sound dry, but in Goebbels' case this means the most grandiose form of specualtion on the future of music. Only German culture can be so serious and yet so full of honesty and melancholia" Daniel Birnbaum/Artforum (DE) 2012


Heiner Goebbels: Eislermaterial (1998) With Ensemble Modern and actor Josef Bierbichler

Soloist: Josef Bierbichler
Composer/director: Heiner Goebbels
Sound director: Norbert Ommer
Lighting Designer: Jean KalmanLighting technician: Barbara Weesternach
Sound technician: Felix Dreher
Director’s Assistant: Stephan Buchberger

Ensemble Modern:
Dietmar Wiesner – flute, alto flute, piccolo 
Antje Thierbach – oboe
Roland Diry – clarinets
Matthias Stich – bass clarinet, tenor saxophone
Johannes Schwarz – bassoon
Valentín Garvie – trumpet
Sava Stoianov – trumpet, flugelhorn, Wagner tuba
Uwe Dierksen – trumpet, euphonium, helicon
Rainer Römer – drum kit
Hermann Kretzschmar – piano, harmonium
Ueli Wiget – piano, sampler
Freya Ritts-Kirby – violin
Megumi Kasakawa – viola
Michael M. Kasper – cello
Joachim Tinnefeld – double bass/electric bass

Commission from Musica Viva, Munich. Co-production between Musica Viva/Bayerischer Rundfunk, Hebbel-Theater Berlin and Dresdner Zentrum für zeitgenössische Musik. Supported by Deutsche Bank Stiftung.





Heiner Goebbels: Eislermaterial (opening concert)

Nationaltheatret 7:30 PM

Ticket 100 – 590 ,-