Holsen / Barrett / Radigue

Electronic/improv +
Monday, September 11th

Holsen / Barrett / Radigue
11 September, 7 pm
Tickets: 250/150 NOK

Hilde Marie Holsen: Prikle (WP)
Natasha Barrett: Involuntary Expression (WP)
Eliane Radigue: Arthesis

We’re surrounded! Electroacoustic works specially created for 24-speaker systems

Hilde Marie Holsen combines trumpet and electronics, usually in an improvised setting. Acoustics and electronics play off each other, with melancholic sounds and melodic themes. This is a music of fragility, but equally of strength and dynamics. Prikle is a piece commissioned by Ultima for trumpet, live electronics and 3D surround sound, live performed and diffused via 24 loudspeakers by Holsen. "Prikle" is the Norwegian term for transplanting seedlings from the nursery to its permanent place of growth. In this piece, the various trumpet sounds act as sonic seedlings whose conditions for growth are enhanced by electronic processing.

Natasha Barrett has made ambitious pieces, installations and sound art for concerts and festivals all over the world. Her work is widely acknowledged internationally, as a recent Honorary Mention from Ars Electronica 2017 and several prizes including the Nordic Council Music Prize demonstrates. Her acousmatic electroacoustic composition Involuntary Expression explores the idea of music emerging from microscopic movements to hundreds of people. The body’s tiniest movements are recorded using a high-speed, high-res 3D tracking system; they are then blown up and converted into audible spatial sound structures. With its dramatic 3D surround sound, listeners will feel the music instead of seeing it. The piece is commissioned by Notam, composed in high-end 3D ambisonic format, and diffused via 24 loudspeakers.

French veteran Eliane Radigue’s music is featured several times at this year’s Ultima, and here the 1973 ARP synthesizer piece Arthesis is performed by François J. Bonnet, aka electronic musician Kassel Jaeger and the author of the recent book The Order of Sounds: A Sonorous Archipelago.

Barrett’s and Holsen’s pieces were developed using Notam’s new 24 channel surround sound studio. Concert produced by Ultima in collaboration with Notam.

Holsen's work is supported by Norsk kulturråd.

Photo: Kristin Linnea Backe


Holsen / Barrett / Radigue

Sentralen/Marmorsalen 7:00 PM

Ticket 250/150,-