Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra

Friday, September 15th
Sentralen, 7:00 PM
Oslo Philharmonic takes over Sentralen to celebrate 100 years of the Norwegian Society of Composers

Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra
15 September, 7 pm
Free entry (Oslo kulturnatt)

7 pm
Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra
Christian Eggen – conductor
Elise Båtnes – violin

Maj Sønstevold Fest-ouverture    
Arvid Kleven Lotusland
Fartein Valen Violin Concerto

8:30 pm
Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra
Lars Erik ter Jung – conductor
Ellen Ugelvik – piano

Jan Erik Mikalsen Just For You (WP)


Barratt Due Junior Orchestra
(Artistic director Soon-Mi Chung Barratt-Due)
Henrik Hellstenius Up and away (WP)
Peder Barratt-Due ¶"A new train of thought" (WP) 
Miniatures for string orchestra
Nils Henrik Asheim In Short (WP)

The Norwegian Society of Composers is 100 in 2017. In this evening celebrating a century of creativity and nurture of talent, Oslo Philharmonic has put together a programme that not only spans the NCA’s lifetime but looks to the future.

Kicking off with a rousing fanfare by Swedish born Norwegian adoptee Maj Sønstevold (1917–96) in the Marmorsalen, the orchestra will perform several jewels from the Norwegian orchestral repertoire, including the vintage tone poem Lotusland (1922) by Arvid Kleven; the violin concerto of one of its best known composers abroad, Fartein Valen (1887–1952); and a new piano concerto by Jan Erik Mikalsen (born 1979).

In addition, the programme includes Barratt Due Junior Orchestra, who will premiere commissioned pieces by Henrik Hellstenius, Nils Henrik Asheim and Peder Barratt-Due.

The evening will also include a screening of The Composer, a film about Arne Nordheim, the towering figure in Norwegian contemporary music after the war. And a ‘Meet the Composer’ session of Q&As with some of the composers featured tonight.

A packed evening that’s the perfect way to soak up the sheer eclecticism and vitality of several generations of Norwegian modern composition.

In collaboration with Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra and the Norwegian Society of Composers.

This concert forms part of the 100 year celebration of the NKF (the Norwegian Society of Composers).




Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra

Sentralen 7:00 PM

Fri entré (Oslo kulturnatt)
Ticket 0,-