Stefan Prins: Piano Hero

Electronic/improv +
Friday, September 16th
Sentralen/Forstanderskapssalen, 6:00 PM
The piano gets the absurdist treatment

Piano Hero is a musical one-man show for MIDI keyboard, live electronics, live-video and grand piano by Belgian composer Stefan Prins, in which the romantic piano virtuoso is placed into a technological and highly mediated 21th century palace of mirrors in which the piano is deconstructed and then put together differently. A by times Tati-esque interaction emerges between the physical hero on stage and his digitally splintered acoustic and visual avatars. Stephane Ginsburgh performs.

Stephane Ginsburgh – piano 
Stefan Prins, Florian Bogner (ICST Zürich) – electronics   

In collaboration with Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt. Produced in collaboration with de Bijloke, Gent and ICST Zürich.

Stefan Prins: Piano Hero

Sentralen/Forstanderskapssalen 6:00 PM

Ticket 200/100,-