Terry Riley and KORK (The Norwegian Radio Orchestra)

Electronic/improv +
Saturday, September 17th
Rockefeller Music Hall, 8:00 PM
Minimalist flagship piece celebrates repetition and the spirit of communal music making

Terry Riley 
Magnus Loddgård - conductor
Terry Riley and Gyan Riley (duo)
Terry Riley In C

We are proud and happy to welcome a legend of modern music, in his eightieth year, to Ultima’s finale. In this enjoyable and accessible programme of contemporary music, Terry Riley and his son Gyan Riley will perform as a duo, and KORK, The Norwegian Radio Orchestra, will perform Riley’s legendary In C.

In C was composed in 1964 for an indefinite number of performers and no set duration. The work consists of 53 short, numbered musical phrases where each phrase may be repeated an arbitrary number of times. Each musician decides which phrase they play. With its throbbing drive and repetitive tonality, it has become one of the best loved and most popular contemporary music pieces, interpreted by everyone from Bang On A Can to Damon Albarn & Africa Express and Adrian Utley (Portishead).

NB! Concert starts at 8

In collaboration with KORK and nyMusikk.

Terry Riley and KORK (The Norwegian Radio Orchestra)

Rockefeller Music Hall 8:00 PM

Ticket 350/250,-