oslo september 8–17 2016


Ultima 2016 Revisited: video and pictures from this year's festival

Dates for next year's Ultima 7th - 16th September 2017. Read more

This is Ultima!

Challenging, thrilling and enlightening: Ultima celebrates contemporary music in the heart of Oslo, Scandinavia’s music capital.

All the exciting diversity of cutting edge music is on show at venues all over the city – including the spanking new art space, Sentralen. With a programme spanning 10 days and over 50 events, indoors and outdoors, including concerts, danceworks, art installations, screenings, lectures and panels, Ultima offers experiences for young and old, for aficionados and for the musically curious. Join us and explore a world of new music and sound at Norway’s biggest and most adventurous festival of its kind!

Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 as a fulcrum

In its time many saw it as the final proof that Beethoven had lost his senses. A work that was practically impossible to perform, both on account of its extreme technical demands on the musicians, and its insane, megalomaniac dimensions.